OOTD: Pokemon Master!

Sheer midi dress: Oxfam, Pokemon crop: Depop seller 'frankenskankk', Cardigan: Very, Shoes: Converse

Feel like it's been ages since I sat down to write a post! This Pokemon tie back crop top is the newest addition to my wardrobe and I love it! I absolutely love cartoons and I used to be into Pokemon and play the gameboy game with my cousins. It's not really the appropriate weather to be wearing a crop top so I layered it over this sheer midi dress that I picked up from Oxfam and haven't worn yet. I love the layered effect I think it adds a lil something. This cardigan is fab! It's so similar to the very expensive American Apparel ones and it's actually quite warm. This is going to sound weird but I feel a bit too dramatic when I'm walking and it flys out behind me like a cape so I have to walk holding it in one hand haha. I love how it's a bit gothic I'm all about that WITCH LIFE can I get a whut whutttt.

Got the usual converse on they're just my go to for comfort and simplicity. I call this hairstyle my 'Li Shang' as it's loosely based around the sexiest Disney character of all time from the best film ever Mulan. On the one hand I think it's cute, on the other it's a bit toddler like!

How are you all?




  1. Cool outfit! I LOVE Pokemon, still play it all the time hehe :D x