OOTD: Baseball stripes and the choker that was less than £2!

Shirt: eBay, Kimono eBay, Choker: Ali Express, Leggings: River Island, Boots: Monki

So me and Charlotte are fast becoming bargain queens through our sheer refusal to pay full price for clothes. I layered this white shirt with a black sheer kimono and pulled out my River Island pinstripe leggings which I love. They remind me of the baseball scene in the first Twilight film although they seem to have stretched out in the wash, making me look more wrinkly than a Shar pei puppy, extremely annoying but what can you do?

I added my cleated Monki boots for some much needed height, I'm currently training myself to walk in heels regularly as I'm only five foot, I know it's probably not medically advisable...

My favourite part of this look is this choker. If my memory serves me correctly it was £1.25 with free shipping off AliExpress! Yes it's a little cheap looking and a pitiful dupe of the one worn by Kim Kardashian but it's definitely a statement piece which I have found myself reaching for more often than expected.

I haven't done a smokey eye in a while so I used tease and snakebite from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I can't wait to get my hair done next week, as you can probably see, my roots have been very neglected lately! I'm thinking of going for a darker, strawberry blonde as I've always wanted to go red, I might just chicken out and stay blonde so stay tuned to find out!

- Grace

If anyone has any tips for shrinking clothes please let me know...



  1. I hardly ever pay full price either! There are so many great deals out there, I just don't think there is a need to. Very cute look :) Thanks for visiting!


  2. Love the pants and that chain necklace <3 x

    1. Thank you, just wish they were a bit less baggy!

  3. very beautiful Pants! )

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    post comments or reviews... Me will be very nice :)

  4. So beautiful! :) http://outsidefashioncatwalk.blogspot.com.es/

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! Finally able to walk some distance in them haha.


  6. Thanks! Just wish they were tigher!