OOTD: Back to basics

 Top: Boohoo, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Forever 21, Collar: Topshop, Ring: An obscure Welsh gift shop...

It's that time of year when Uni fever sets in, everyone starts to panic about where their future will take them and as a result, me and Charlotte have been on a series of mini road trips around the UK. We are both considering studying media communications and so fingers crossed that results day doesn't hold any nasty surprises... To keep it casual and comfy for the journey to Leeds, I opted for the basics of a white V neck tee and my blue Leigh jeans from Topshop.

Controversially, this outfit contains only minimal amounts of black. This is the extent of my commitment to the Summer season we usually just stay inside and watch films. 'The Shining' is our latest obsession... Have you read the conspiracy theories? Let's just say that we may well have spent too much time pondering on these strange coincidences over the last couple of days.

Also on the topic of comfort I realised last minute that it would be impossible to walk around all day in the mini torture chambers that are the Topshop skate shoes. Whilst I love the look of them I made the sensible choice to switch to my trusted Aphrodite boots before we set off.

Hope you're enjoying the British summer and please excuse the eyeliner swatch and fly-aways from my top knot. I have curly baby hairs that won't quit!



  1. Leigh jeans are so soft, I love mine so much! I love this outfit xx


    1. They are so soft! Could use them as pyjamas.