MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipsticks: Riot House, Dodgy Girl and Strip Poker

Top: Riot House, Bottom: Dodgy Girl
Strip Poker

Strip poker swatched

The release of MAC's much-anticipated Osbourne collection entailed a frenzy amongst makeup addicts who battled to secure one of the elusive lilac bullets from Kelly's line, which sold out online after only a few hours!
Luckily both me and Charlotte were fortunate enough to get our hands on the Kelly Osbourne lipsticks although Sharon's eye quad was also on our wishlist. 

Charlotte bought Riot house, a matte, pastel orange shade as she loves a good 60's style chalky matte lip. This is a very unique shade from MAC and it can be said that the whole collection offered something very different to the permanent line, a factor that probably contributed to the enormous hype. I wasn't sure whether I would like this shade but it actually looks amazing on the lips, pale without washing you out or making you look like Tim Burton's corpse bride.

Dodgy girl is another very original shade from the line, a matte lilac. This shade also looks incredible on the lips and the formula is creamy and comfortable to wear unlike some other matte lipsticks. Oddly enough this pastel shade fades to a neon pink stain, much darker than the initial colour, unexpected and yet surprisingly a cute bonus!

Finally I purchased Strip poker, honestly because all the other shades had sold out. I am not usually a fan of super pale lipsticks so I am trying to work with this but it's an ongoing battle. This shade is a more pink toned nude than Riot House and can make you look a little dead, however when lightly applied the colour is much more wearable. Plus, I wasn't missing out on this packaging and I knew that if I didn't buy something, I would later be trawling eBay, where limited edition items can go for double the RRP!

Hope you enjoyed the post, these lipsticks were definitely worth the hype and shopping frenzy...

- Grace