Game of Thrones Makeup? Shiro Cosmetics Review.

I stumbled upon this brand randomly through a Tumblr post and had to place an order due to the crazy inexpensive prices and uniqueness of the products. My order came in today and I had to share it with you all especially as I know a lot of you will be fans of the things that the products are inspired by.

I picked up Queensquard, I Loved A Maid, Women's Weapons, Attercop Attercop and Smashing Pots.

Without flash:

With flash:

Okay so from left to right:
Attercop, Attercop is a matte deep blue with an intense blue glitter shot through. I love this one and cannot wait to wear it with a smokey eye. The glitter catches the light beautifully. This one is inspired by the Hobbit and features a little Bilbo Baggins wielding a flame at spiders - so cute! $6 Here

Smashing Pots is a reddy brown shot through with green, blue and red glitter. I LOVE IT. It's impossible to photograph all the glitter but in real life it is amazing and so unique. From what I can tell this is inspired by Legend of Zelda. $6 here.

I Loved A Maid is a light copper pigment with a green duochrome that looks gold in some lights. It is incredibly unique and is inspired by Tyrion Lannister (One of my fav GoT characters). I love it because it adds a little something to the everyday neutral eye while still being wearable. $6 Here

Queensquard is a matte red orange brown. I must have as I love red toned browns I think they look incredible on brown eyes. The matte formulation is velvety to the touch. This is inspired by Barristan Selmy. $6 here

Women's Weapons is a reddy purple with a subtle gold shimmer. This shade makes me miss Autumn/Winter so much! Just imagine it with a red lip *heart eye emoji*. Inspired by Cersei Lannister. $6 here

With every order you get two samples. I recieved Plague and Day of Reckoning. Plague is an emerald green that reminds me a lot of MAC's Smutty Green which I own and love. Day of Reckoning is a metallic pinky purple. Also love haha I JUST LOVE IT ALL. Also for a free sample you get a crazy amount of product!

So beautiful! Overall I have a new found love for indie cosmetics company although it is worth always doing your research. Shiro is a dope company, the customer service is great, the products are amazing and the packaging is cute. Shipping to the UK only took a few weeks which really isn't bad. Defo going to place another order - I want everything they make haha so check it out!