OOTD: Spiritual Retreat W/ Russell Brand

OOTD: Spiritual Retreat W/ Russell Brand

So next on my celebrity lover list is Russell Brand. My love for Russell Brand has been nurtured since I was about 13, it's 25% his hair, 25% how funny he is, 25% his brain and 25% his bad boy turned spiritual guru image.

For this outfit I went with a much more boho vibe, I think the image we have of Russell now is much more chilled and spiritual than it has been in previous years (see Sun's Shagger of the Year Award.) I went with relaxed shapes and jewellery yet toughened it all up a bit with the black chunky boots. I feel like the jewellery is a must and chose pieces that reflected yoga (this is a fantasy rather than a real life choice) or an Asian inspired symbol. Tattoos have got to be in there, Russell has loads and I am anxiously awaiting my 18th birthday to start inking up. I threw in some Buddha's and mandalas to show the spirituality and the little cat reflects Russell's beloved cat Morrisey. I will forever come across as a stalker in these posts haha. For hair I don't think anything conveys boho chic as much as braids so a fishtail plait would look great especially with a head chain.

Not 100% what the fantasy is for Russell, it changes so often. Maybe a yoga retreat? Accompanied by a romantic whirlwind getaway to Thailand and Bali? Or India? Or even a rom-com style making of food in his apartment where we both end up a mess and laughing. Although it would have to be vegan... I need to go work out the holes in this scenario because I'm not feeling a raw lifestyle.

Forever making all our followers cringe,
(Mrs Brand)
I'm nearly 17 it can be excused, teenagers are supposed to harbour cringey boy fantasies.