OOTD: A ride with Jax Teller... yes these cringey posts are becoming a thing.

A ride with Jax Teller... yes these cringey posts are becoming a thing.

Embarrassing as this may be, creating polyvores for imaginary celebrity scenarios has got to be one of the most fun ways to procrastinate when you are supposed to be revising.
Through an appreciation of bikers with beards I developed an addiction to watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and like most of the other female fans, the main reason for this was the character of Jax Teller.

Whilst the show is undeniably far fetched and excessively violent, one must not doubt the power of Muscles and a good leather jacket on a man. This is an outfit I would wear for a completely fictious motorcycle ride with Mr Teller, one which I may or may not have fantasised about on more than one occasion.

In keeping with the biker theme I had to opt for the obvious leather jacket, an oversized Harley sweater that would ideally be borrowed... and the handcuff clutch as those of you who watch the show will know that the Samcro MC are often on the wrong side of the law. Finally I would finish off the look with a dark petrol blue smokey eye to complement these coated jeans as the biker's run a garage, where Jax would ideally come to the rescue of my broken down vehicle before sweeping me off my feet with a dangerous and exciting romance.

In conclusion, if anyone I know finds this then I may just have to become a recluse to avoid the sting of social judgement and abuse that would certainly follow but ah well, this was fun!
- Grace