OOTD: Date With Adam Scott..

Mrs Scott

Okay so I have a confession. I am obsessed with making up scenarios in my head involving me doing cute things with my celebrity crushes, this inspired me to make these fantasies semi tangible by creating outfits based around them!

Adam Scott is currently my favourite of them all, I've really go into watching Parks and Recreation and his character of Ben is everything to me. I ship Leslie and Ben SO HARD. He falls into my 'cute' category of boys, I either like the cute nerds (see Adam Scott and Michael Cera) ot skinny dark haired bad boys (see Russell Brand and Matt Healy.)

This Polyvore sums up my Adam Scott fantasy, I know, I know, it's very Tumblr and very embarrassingly cliche but HEY, this is my fantasy. The t-shirt is a reference to his Parks and Rec character who loves Star Wars and Adam seems like a pretty chilled out guy so I made this outfit casual and cute. The heeled booties add a little bit of something and I had to make it as Tumblr as possible with the top knot and glasses. Are you all throwing up? GOOD. Basically the fantasy situation is we meet in a coffee shop and the rest is an embarrassing montage of pizza and movies and a super cute proposal.

Right I'm finishing this before I completely humiliate myself on the Internet and expose my true teenage girl-ness.

(A.K.A Mrs Scott)
((I guess I wasn't done humiliating myself))



  1. me too! i've been trying to track it down for months but i can't find it anywhere :(