Mac Alluring Aquatic: Refined Golden and Aphrodite's shell

Look what arrived! I am in LOVE. The packaging is to die for, the bubbles you see are 3D and the metallic blue is so reflective in real life. 
So the shades I have are Extra Dimension Aphrodites Shell and Refined Golden Bronzer. Refined Golden is much deeper and more orange in tone, this might sound scary but it works amazing for faking a tan as a real tan tends to be reddy orange. It also has a gold shimmer to add glow, this product looks amazing on the tops of cheekbones. Worth mentioning that the mirror is really great in this compact.
Aphrodites Shell is slightly lighter and gives a perfect amount of warmth to the face. As you can see it has a beautiful pattern on top which makes no difference to the product but is a nice addition.
Both of these products are beautifully creamy and blend like a dream. Probably not necessary to have both but I regret nothing. They're GORGINA. If you were umming and arring let me just convince you to buy.
Buy them.