Exploring London.... by foot

At 5:45 (I know!) on Friday morning, we awoke to get ready for an action packed day in the capital. Despite the early start we were super excited to be exploring a new city on our own and boarded the train without a hitch. Doing winged eyeliner on a train is not easy as we found out, especially with some unfortunate child throwing up in the row in front.

Being the cheap and cheerful duo that we are, we decided to spend as little money as possible on things such as food and transport, in order to buy more makeup. Makes sense right? It was for this reason that I spent the entire day carting around a Malteasers Easter egg in a carrier bag, definitely not as good as Cadburys but we struggled on. Our thrify nature, or just our irresponsible financial priorities also meant that we refused to pay for the tube like sensible tourists and so we ended up walking a grand total of 11 miles.

We were well and truly exhausted after visiting Covent Garden, Oxford street, China town and Picadilly circus as well as some other areas we stumbled upon when lost but hey, at least we burnt off that Easter egg.

We made three main discoveries whilst in London. Number one, why did no one tell us about five guys fries! (The biology 'test for fat' lesson comes back to us...) Number two, Christina Perri thousand years is a very good song to sing on the train at 11PM. Finally the third discovery, we learnt to avoid strange men in metallic paint after being chased by a supposed 'living statue' through Covent Garden... yes, screaming.

Stay tuned to see what we bought on our travels!
Grace xx