Mac Alluring Aquatic: Grab yo plastic!

We're both obsessed with the beach and anything water related or tropical. (I mean look at the banner). When we saw that this collection had dropped, Grace ran round with debit card in hand and we both HAD to make a purchase... or two... If we're being honest the purchases we made were 100% swayed by the jaw dropping packaging. Those water droplets you see are not a stylistic choice for the photo shoot but are actually on the packaging! Also, the aqua metallic colour absolutely screams summer. This packaging is probably the best we have ever seen MAC produce and the whole collection is truly gorgeous in terms of the actual products inside. Some bits have already sold out online such as the lipsticks but it will of course be in store soon if you missed out, we recommend ringing up your local counter and asking when it'll be in. We've done this many a time and although you might be on hold for a while followed by an awkward interaction it is worth it so that you don't miss out!

Keep an eye out for reviews and swatches when Mr Postman drops off our goodies!

-Charlotte+ Grace



  1. ahh so obsessed with the nudes and metallics lately

  2. This collection is super divine. xx


    1. I know they're killing me! Really hit it out of the park with this one.