Exploring home: Trader's Outlet finds...

We have all experienced that feeling where you invest in a Topshop piece, only to go out and find that every other girl you pass on the street is wearing that exact same thing. For this reason me and Charlotte have recently found ourselves disillusioned with high street stores and decided to explore the range of small businesses in our area. 

We occasionally wandered into Traders Outlet, a local store with different sections selling various jewellery, vintage furniture, handmade bath bombs ect but up until now we hadn't realised that there were also some fashion stalls such as Lady e bling, with cool pieces, much cheaper than you would find on the high street.

Charlotte is wearing a black oversized quilted shift dress with a kind of snake texture to it whilst I am wearing this white pleather cami dress. Both dresses comply with our usual styling comfort zones of black, white and leather so all in all a pretty good find!

We definitely recommend checking out the Lady e bling stall inside Traders Outlet to anyone in the Manchester area!



  1. Cute little post, the traders outlet you talk about sounds amazing!!