The Impulse Purchase: Dior Glowing Gardens Highlighter Glowing Pink

Oh God. Isn't it stunning? Going out with Grace inevitably turns into a "maybe we should go check out whats new on the makeup counters?" Which unfortunately for me led me to falling IN LOVE with this new Dior highlighter. It's from the Spring collection "Glowing Gardens" and I chose the "pinkier one of the two available. This beauty's unnecessarily long name is - "Dior Glowing Pink Diorskin Nude Air Illuminating Powder".

So aside from the utterly luxe and amazing embossed print and packaging, the product itself is very unique. I have too many highlighters in my collection but they all seem to lean gold or peachy, I have very few pink options. However, this is not just pink, it's pink with a slightly silver duochrome with an opalescent sheen. The texture is smooth and buildable. The most amazing thing about this product is that it has NO glitter, NO shimmer and yet it still provides a very intense and amazing sheen.

I truly believe that this is the perfect highlighter for Spring. My bank account may be crying but I am beyond obsessed with this product.

Check your local counters to see if any are left my local Debenhams did a few restocks and I believe it may be in stock still on!