Problems with PVC...

Necklace: Topshop, Top: Romwe, Pants: Ripped.

So I broke my 'no spending until December' ban immediately when I saw this necklace on sale in Topshop. Do I own a ridiculous amount of statement necklaces? Yes, so many that I had to put up extra hooks in my room because my jewellery tree literally bent out of shape. I justified this one because it's longer than my others and I guess it kind of works as a body chain.

I really like this tee shirt from Romwe with the anatomy design and it adds a bit of something to another black and grey outfit and I decided to wear these PVC pants I bought off Depop. (You don't need to hear my rant about Depop...)  This I soon realised, was a catastrophic mistake for three reasons...
1) They are of a very low quality, questionably branded and feel like they are lined with straw. They also squeak loudly as you walk.

2) What is it about the material PVC and weirdos. I feel like everytime I put on a pair of trousers that don't have a matte finish, I recieve some form of heckle or cat call. Charlotte even told me that once she was on the Met and a man said "you can tell a slut when they're wearing PVC pants." What is the world coming to? IT'S A PAIR OF PANTS, SIT THE F DOWN.

3) From reason one you can get a sense of the pants' quality and this, combined the fact that they have very little flexibility resulted in an embarrasing incident in HMV. When going up the stairs to browse Vinyl and alternative records like a pretentious indie cool kid, I heard a loud rip and realised to my horror that my pants had ripped pretty much in half up the back. Luckily as I am a pygmy, my tee shirt was long enough to protect my dignity but I can safely say that these pants will see the light of day ever again.