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Top: 1975 Merch, Cardigan: Very, Snood: Primark, PVC Pants: River Island, Shoes: Converse

Ahh another all black ensemble. These PVC pants are such a polarising item, I love them but I know a lot of people hate them, on a night out one charming gentleman even called me a rather rude name for wearing them. I love them because they remind me of the suit from American Horror Story season 1, is that weird? I picked up the t-shirt when we went to go see them live (vlog on our Youtube if you missed it- link to the right), the design gives a really cool aesthetic. I think this outfit is a little bit goth, a little bit weird and a whole lotta good.

Let me know how you feel about PVC!




  1. Omg you're just so cute its untrue <3

    1. geez thanks mum.
      love ya lil bean X

    2. I love the PVC pants girl! :) Yes! ;) Please feature them in a video! :D

  2. omg!!you are very sexy in this cool pants!